We design, install and maintain tailored Integrated Management Systems that make your business better.

From Health & Safety to Risk Management

your success is our success

We are Perth’s compliance and Integrated Management Systems specialists. When we partner with you, we make risk management and compliance with standards, regulations or legislation easier.


We can train your team so managing risk, safety, quality and environment isn’t an additional burden on your business. It quickly and easily becomes part of how you operate.


We can help you if your organisation has:


 Been notified by a regulatory body that you’re not compliant in some aspect of your business


 Identified a safety risk or had a safety incident


 A pre-qualification request from a client to align with their systems so you can do business together


 Received an audit notice from a regulatory or certification body


 Chosen to adopt industry best-practice and attain certification to an industry standard


 Committed to improving your business – so you provide better products or services and deliver better outcomes for your workforce and your customers.


Whatever the reason, our friendly team at GBC Systems works alongside your team to achieve your compliance and performance goals. The way we look at it, when you succeed – we do too.

Integrated Management Systems

We specialise in designing, implementing and maintaining Integrated Management Systems that help you:


 Manage or reduce your business risk to avoid harm


 Meet your organisation’s specifications or obligations to achieve or retain certification or compliance


 Streamline your Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality systems to be more efficient


 Introduce systems that incorporate and facilitate social responsibility within your business


 Introduce process-approach management systems to improve your performance


Conduct organisation-specific training to upskill your team


We know from experience, the better we understand your organisation – the more value we add to it.


We never leave you to muddle through with a system you can’t use or understand. We focus on supporting your team, growing their capability and building a long-term relationship you can rely on.


Once we’re certain your implementation is successful, we move to quarterly management reviews to track KPIs. We also complete an annual system audit.

Risk Management

Minimising your organisation’s exposure to risk helps you avoid the cost and inconvenience caused by unexpected interruptions to your business.


Our range of risk advisory services help you protect your workforce, environment and business operations from harm.


We can help you:


 Develop risk management frameworks and procedures to suit your business


Create risk profiles to better understand your exposure to risk


Establish appropriate processes to manage your risk, including risk controls, risk registers and treatments


 Train your workforce on risk assessment, controls and treatment specific to your risks


 Conduct risk workshops designed specifically for your organisation

Information Security 

An information security management system will protect your organisation’s information and information systems from unauthorised access and use. 


We can help you:


Develop processes that manage information security risks


Integrate information security processes within your existing management system 


Align your information security management system with the requirements of ISO 27001  


Get your organisation certified to ISO 27001 

Governance and Compliance

One of our core services is to create customised systems that align with management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or ISO 27001. Or a set of specific industry standards relating to your context.


We can help you develop:


Governance frameworks to fit the compliance needs of your organisation


Policies and procedures to improve and formalise your business operations


Personalised processes to manage risk, compliance and audit within your business

Continual Improvement

We believe that Continual Improvement shouldn’t be a burden on your organisation – it should help you do business better.


We use our broad experience to help your team:


Create efficiencies in your processes


Reduce or remove unnecessary documentation


Develop KPIs and Streamline management review processes


Move your focus away from compliance towards developing improvements in your practices and performance

Assistance with certification, accreditation and prequalification

Whether your organisation is seeking certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 or AS/NZ standards, accreditation or prequalification by a client.


We can assist you by:


Developing a compliant Integrated Management System


Liaising with certifying bodies


 Completing your Stage 1 audit so you’re prepared


 Developing systems or documentation that meet your client’s requirements to prequalify you for work


Managing the accreditation process for client-based databases such as IS Networld

Need help with any of these services? Maybe you can’t find the service you need. 

Why not speak to one of our friendly team members to discover how we can assist you?